No Longer a Dull Summer Afternoon

As the abrupt rain ceased, the symphony of cicadas filled the air, while wisps of mist unfurled, revealing a boundless expanse of azure.

Emerging from the post-rain clarity, the sky transformed into a crystalline cerulean canvas. A gentle breeze brushed against the skin, providing a touch of refreshing relief amid the scorching summer heat.

Curious about what lies beneath the green tarpaulin in the image? It hides a HITACHI ZAXIS 200 excavator, a model of construction prowess.

During the initial inquiry from the client, the provided dimensions were L710 * W410 * H400 cm, weighing 30,500 kg. They sought our services for sea freight. Our professional instinct insisted on requesting images when handling unusual-sized cargo. However, the client shared a pixelated, nostalgic photo.

At first glance, the provided photo didn’t warrant intense scrutiny, considering it was the client’s image of the containerized item. We thought, having dealt with numerous excavator shipments, there couldn’t be too many specific requirements. Consequently, I swiftly devised a containerization plan and a comprehensive quote, which the client eagerly accepted, thus initiating the booking process.

During the waiting period for cargo arrival at the warehouse, the client introduced a twist: a request for disassembly. The precise plan was to remove the main arm, altering the dimensions to 740 * 405 * 355 cm for the main structure and 720 * 43 * 70 cm for the arm. The total weight became 26,520 kg.

Comparing this new data with the original, the nearly 50 cm height difference piqued our curiosity. Absent any physical sight, we recommended an additional HQ container to the client.

Just as we were finalizing the containerization plan, the client provided an authentic photograph of the cargo, revealing its true form.

Upon seeing the true nature of the cargo, a second challenge emerged: whether to disassemble the main arm. Disassembly meant requiring an extra HQ container, increasing costs. But not disassembling meant the cargo wouldn’t fit into a 40FR container, causing shipment issues.

As the deadline approached, the client’s uncertainty persisted. A swift decision was imperative. We suggested shipping the whole machine first, then making a judgment upon its arrival at the warehouse.

Two days later, the true form of the cargo graced the warehouse. Astonishingly, its actual dimensions were 1235 * 415 * 550 cm, presenting another conundrum: fold the arm to reduce length, or lift the arm to reduce height. Neither option seemed feasible.

Following discussions with the oversized cargo team and the warehouse, we boldly decided to disassemble only the smaller arm and bucket. We promptly informed the client of the plan. Though the client remained skeptical, they requested a contingency of a 20GP or 40HQ container. However, we were confident in our solution, awaiting the client’s confirmation of the arm disassembly plan to proceed.

Ultimately, the client, with an experimental mindset, agreed to our proposed solution.

Furthermore, due to the cargo’s width, the tracks had minimal contact with the 40FR container, mostly hovering. To ensure safety, the oversized cargo team proposed welding steel columns beneath the suspended tracks to support the entire machine, an idea executed by the warehouse.

After submitting these photos to the shipping company for approval, they lauded our professionalism.

After several days of relentless plan refinement, the formidable hurdles were perfectly surmounted, a gratifying achievement. Even on this scorching summer afternoon, the stifling heat and tedium had dissipated.

No Longer a Dull Summer Afternoon1 No Longer a Dull Summer Afternoon2

Post time: Aug-21-2023