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BB CARGO is a sub-sector between containerized transport and bulk shipping.

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For oversized cargo that obstructs the lifting points of a container, exceeds the height limits of the port crane, or surpasses the maximum load capacity of a container, it cannot be loaded onto a single container for shipment. To meet the transportation needs of such cargo, container shipping companies can employ a method of separating the cargo from the container during operations. This involves laying one or more flat racks on the cargo hold, forming a "platform," and then lifting and securing the cargo onto this "platform" on the ship. Upon arrival at the destination port, the cargo and flat racks are separately lifted and unloaded from the ship after unfastening the cargo on board.

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The BBC operation mode is a customized transport solution that involves multiple steps and complex processes. The carrier needs to coordinate different participants throughout the service chain and closely manage time requirements during the operation to ensure smooth loading and timely arrival of the cargo. For each shipment of BB cargo, the shipping company needs to submit relevant information in advance to the terminal, such as the number of flat rack containers, stowage plans, cargo center of gravity and lifting points, supplier of lashing materials, and get-in terminal procedures. OOGPLUS has accumulated extensive experience in split lifting operations and established good cooperative relationships with shipowners, terminals, trucking companies, lashing companies, and third-party survey companies, providing customers with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective split lifting transportation services.

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