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Experience the convenience of our international third-party supervision and inspection services, where we arrange on-site monitoring and provide detailed reports through globally recognized inspection companies.

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Our dedicated team ensures that every step of the loading process is closely supervised, guaranteeing adherence to industry standards and delivering comprehensive documentation for our clients.

Benefit from our partnerships with internationally renowned third-party loading and inspection companies, known for their professionalism, precision, and commitment to quality. Here are a few prominent names in the field:

1. Bureau Veritas
2. SGS
3. Intertek
4. Cotecna
6. Inspectorate
7. ALS Limited
8. Control Union
9. DNV
10. RINA

By collaborating with these esteemed organizations, we ensure the highest level of quality control and assurance throughout the loading process. Our clients can trust the accuracy and reliability of the inspection reports provided by these reputable third-party companies.

At OOGPLUS, we prioritize the careful handling of your cargo and compliance with international standards. With our services, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your goods are monitored by trusted experts, and that you will receive comprehensive inspection reports to support your business operations.

Choose us as your reliable partner, and experience the efficiency and professionalism that our international third-party supervision and inspection services bring to your logistics operations.

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