OOG( Out Of Gauge) Includes Open Top and Flat Rack

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Open Top Container, is a type of container that allows for top-loading and unloading of cargo, similar to other container types.

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It can be classified into two categories: hard-top and soft-top. The hard-top variant features a removable steel roof, while the soft-top variant consists of detachable crossbeams and canvas. Open Top Containers are suitable for transporting tall cargo and heavy goods that require vertical loading and unloading. The height of the cargo can exceed the top of the container, typically accommodating cargo with a height of up to 4.2 meters.


Flat Rack Container, is a type of container that lacks side walls and a roof. When the end walls are folded down, it is referred to as a flat rack. This container is ideal for loading and unloading oversized, over height, overweight, and over length cargo. Generally, it can accommodate cargo with a width of up to 4.8 meters, a height of up to 4.2 meters, and a gross weight of up to 35 tons. For extremely long cargo that does not obstruct lifting points, it can be loaded using the flat rack container method.


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