Loading And Securing Services For Oog Cargoes

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OOGPLUS is equipped with a professional warehouse for loading, securing, transporting, and deliverying in ports.

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We offer comprehensive warehousing solutions, including specialized OOG (Out of Gauge) container packing and securing services.

Our state-of-the-art warehouses are equipped to handle various types of cargo, both standard and irregular in shape. Our experienced team ensures efficient inventory management and organization.

What sets us apart is our expertise in OOG container packing, lashing, and securing. We understand the unique challenges posed by out-of-gauge cargo and employ innovative solutions to ensure safe transportation. Our meticulous approach, advanced techniques, and quality materials minimize the risk of shifting or damage during transit.


Our professionals adhere to industry best practices and international standards. We customize our services to meet specific client requirements, providing tailored solutions.

Choose our warehousing services for reliable and efficient solutions. Benefit from our specialized OOG container packing and securing expertise to ensure the safety and integrity of your cargo throughout storage and transportation.

Partner with us for exceptional warehousing services that simplify logistics. Trust us to handle your valuable goods with care, exceeding your expectations with seamless solutions.

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