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A Bulk Ship, also known as a general cargo ship, is a type of vessel specifically designed for the transportation of general packaged, bagged, boxed, and barreled goods. It is also used for transporting bulk items that exceed the capabilities of container vessels in terms of weight or size.

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A typical bulk ship is a double-decked vessel with 4 to 6 cargo holds. Each cargo hold has a hatch on its deck, and there are 5 to 20-ton capacity ship cranes on either side of the hatch. Some ships are equipped with heavy-duty cranes that can lift loads ranging from 60 to 150 tons, while a few specialized vessels can lift several hundred tons.

To enhance the versatility of bulk ships for transporting various types of cargo, modern designs often incorporate multipurpose capabilities. These ships can handle large-sized goods, containers, general cargo, and certain bulk cargoes.

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