OOGPLUS—Your Expert in Oversized and Heavy Cargo Transportation

OOGPLUS specializes in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. We have a skilled team experienced in handling project transportation. Upon receiving inquiries from our clients, we assess the dimensions and weight of the cargo using our extensive operational knowledge to determine whether it is suitable for loading standard container or specialized container. When the dimensions and weight of the cargo exceed the capacity of containers, we promptly provide alternative solutions using Break Bulk shipping. By comparing the costs of container and Break Bulk transportation, we choose the most optimal mode of transport for our clients.

Our mission is to reduce transportation costs for our clients while ensuring the safe and smooth transportation of cargo to the destinations.

Here is a recent transportation case that we’d like to share:

We successfully transported a batch of boilers and related equipment for our client from China to Abidjan, Africa.

This shipment originated from a Malaysian client who purchased the cargoes from China to be sold to Abidjan. The cargo consisted of various types with different dimensions and weights, and the transportation timeline was quite tight.

Two boilers, in particular, had exceptionally large dimensions: one measuring 12.3X4.35X3.65 meters and weighing 46 tons, and the other measuring 13.08 X4X2.35 meters and weighing 34 tons. Due to their dimensions and weights, these two boilers were unsuitable for transportation using containers. Therefore, we opted for Break Bulk vessel to transport them.

Transportation1As for the remaining accessories, we selected to load by 1x40OT+5x40HQ+2x20GP for transport via container ships. This approach significantly reduced the overall transportation cost compared to using Break Bulk vessel for all cargoes.
Transportation2Transportation3During the actual operation, we encountered various challenges that required coordination among different parties. We needed to obtain permits for transporting oversized cargo, promptly inform the client to deliver the cargoes to the port, and secure special approval for temporary storage at the port to save costs on waiting time for trucks.
Transportation4We are grateful for the cooperation of our client, which ultimately led to a successful transportation in Abidjan.

If you have any oversized and heavy cargoes that need to be transported from China to other countries, you can trust us to handle the transportation efficiently and reliably.

Post time: Aug-02-2023