Navigating Fixture Notes in a Flexible Manner: A Triumph in Project Logistics with 550 Tons Steel Beam Shipping from China to Iran

When it comes to project logistics, the break bulk vessel service stands as the primary choice. However, the realm of break bulk service is often accompanied by stringent Fixture Note (FN) regulations. These terms can be daunting, especially for those new to the field, often resulting in hesitancy to sign the FN and unfortunately, the loss of entire shipments.

In a recent success story, our company was entrusted by an Iranian forwarder on July 15, 2023, to oversee the transportation of 550 tons/73 pieces of steel beams from China’s Tianjin Port to Iran’s Bandar Abbas Port. As preparations were underway, an unforeseen challenge emerged during the FN signing process. The Iranian forwarder informed us of the apprehension from the Consignee (CNEE), expressing reluctance to sign the FN due to its unfamiliar terms, given their first experience with break bulk service. This unforeseen setback could have resulted in a considerable delay of 5 days and the potential loss of the shipment.

Analyzing the situation, we recognized that the CNEE’s uncertainty was rooted in the substantial distance between Iran and China. To mitigate their concerns, we took an innovative approach: shortening the perceived distance by forging a direct connection with the SHIPPER. Leveraging our domestic presence and recognition as a reputable brand in the Chinese market, we established a rapport with the SHIPPER, eventually securing their agreement to sign the FN on behalf of the CNEE. Consequently, the SHIPPER proceeded to settle the payment, utilizing funds collected from the CNEE. In a gesture of goodwill, we then returned the resulting profit to the Iranian agent, culminating in a truly mutual victory.

Key Takeaways:
1. Building Trust: Breaking down the barriers of initial cooperation paved the way for future collaborations.
2. Proactive Support: Our active assistance to the Iranian agent ensured the successful completion of this pivotal shipment.
3. Transparent Integrity: By transparently and fairly distributing profits, we strengthened our relationship with the Iranian agent.
4. Flexibility and Expertise: This experience showcases our ability to adeptly handle FN negotiations, even in complex situations.

In conclusion, our ability to adapt and find creative solutions when dealing with Fixture Notes has not only resolved challenges but also fortified our relationships within the logistics landscape. This success story underscores our commitment to flexible, client-centered solutions that drive mutual success. #ProjectLogistics #InternationalShipping #FlexibleSolutions #CollaborativeSuccess.

Navigating Fixture Notes

Post time: Aug-10-2023