Accelerate The Low-carbon Transition In China Marine Industry

China's maritime carbon emissions for nearly one-third of global. In this year's national sessions, the Central Committee of Civil Development has brought a "proposal on speeding up the low-carbon transition of China's maritime industry".

Suggest as:

1. we should coordinate efforts to formulate carbon reduction plans for the maritime industry at the national and industrial levels. Comparing the "double carbon" goal and the carbon reduction goal of the International Maritime Organization, make the schedule to the maritime industry carbon reduction.

2. Step by step, improve maritime carbon emission reduction monitoring system. To explore the establishment of a national maritime carbon emission monitoring center.

3. Accelerate research and development of alternative fuel and carbon reduction technologies for Marine power. We will promote the shift from low-carbon fuel vessels to hybrid power vessels, and expand the market application of clean energy vessels.

Post time: Mar-20-2023